December 27, 2010

Fun and jumping

Trošku zábavy nezaškodí, skákanie a pod. na fotkách nemusí vyzerať zle.
Fun never kill! Jumping can't look bad on photos :)
Ružová stena za nami môže kludne slúžiť ako plátno pred, ktorým stoja "modelky" a pózujú "fotografom".. 
Pink wall can be canvas with models and photographers can snap many photos...

Fashion is future

December 21, 2010

Arranging in school

Last Monday we were creating small Christmas trees. We had a lot of fun ! ;)  



Our creations. :)

Fashion is future! 

December 10, 2010

Christmas Market

Simuša went to Vienna on Christmas Markets last week.
     It was such amazing time, there! Lot of people and punch everywhere where you look. But i just have a kinderpunch ;) We walked around squares and shops like Chanel or Gucci....they have nice shop windows! I´d like to live in Vienna...

fashion is future